The Once And Future Madcap

Big doings here in Madcap land. 

It seems I have managed to weasel a real writing position out of some poor, unsuspecting editor.

That’s right, The Madcap Woodwright will be a regular contributor to the Highland Woodworking Blog. 


I will have a monthly byline at the blog with additional contributing duties for the newsletter as well.

The good folks at Highland Woodworking have been among the very finest of tool addiction enablers. A true boon to the tool addiction addled minds of the woodworking masses.They have been providing extremely high quality woodworking tooling, education, and support for the woodworking community for as long as I can remember. They are a true stalwart in American woodworking, and I am very excited to be joining the team.

Check out their website at:

Look for my first articles to begin appearing in the blog and news letter beginning in February.

Literacy is so cool.


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