…and so it begins…again.

Above: Roubo In Repose.
Resting comfortably are the Douglas Fir timbers that will soon be the Roubo. The plan is to let them rest and dry out a little bit more before beginning milling operations on them. 

My hope is that with some creativity, my Delta jointer and elderly Ryobi planer will accept the challenge that milling these beasts will present. We shall see.

Also newly arrived at The Tiny Shop, both the bench vise screw from Veritas as well as the hold fasts from Gramercy/Tools For Working Wood.

Both arrived as promised and both display signs of exceptional craftsmanship. I am well pleased.

Edit to add:

The Scandinavian bench I built a year or so ago was also a Borg lumber build. It turned out so nice that I haven’t had the heart to really do any work on her without a blanket or other form of protection. Much to my embarrassment, I have allowed it to become something of a princess bench.

The Roubo on the other hand is slated to be the real work horse of the shop once completed. At least, that’s what I say now. Knowing myself the way I do, I may be making a trip to Harbor Freight during one of their (daily) sales, and picking up still more $5 moving blankets. 

It’s not that I fear the dings and dents of the work on the bench, it’s just that I have such a weakness for the beauty each of these designs impart to The Tiny Shop.  My hope is that the first ding, scratch etc. will then liberate me to finally get to putting these beasts to work properly and without bench condoms….. otherwise, I’ll be cutting dovetails in the snow on saw horses.

“Dry my lovelies,dry!”


2 thoughts on “…and so it begins…again.

  1. pop

    Grandpa G would be so proud of your organization and efficient use of available space evidenced by your “tight” looking shop! Happy T-Day


    1. madcapwoodwright Post author

      Interesting that you say that. More often than not he is on my mind in this shop for some reason. Strange how a smell, or a particular tool can trigger the thought process the way it does for me. I can remember every square inch of his workshop in Shaker, and actually a good bit of his shop in Verona too.



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