Deja Vu…All Over Again….

As The Tiny Shop begins to see action these days, I find myself wishing for just a bit more floor space for assembly. So far, I have been able to get the job done using a combination of what floor space I do have available, and using the 8’+ long out feed table of my table saw.

While this has been serviceable so far, I see that having just a bit more space on the end of the out feed table would be nice. Specifically for building casework larger than four feet tall.

As an admitted cool junkie and workbench ponderer, you can guess the places that my mind takes me. None of these places, I assure you, include simply cutting the well built, fully functional out feed table I currently have to provide the desired space. Parish the thought.

No, I am of course considering the construction of yet another, slightly smaller workbench.

The question I am chewing in right now is, if I build another bench, what design should I make?

I have a full sized Scandinavian / hybrid style right now. It is sturdy, and is the jewel of The Tiny Shop.

Here she is just prior to the vise being fitted.

I like the design, and it works fine for my needs. Perhaps making a version shorter in length and height (to double as another out feed table again.)?


Do I venture into Franco history and do what all the other kids are doing, and build a Round like this….

I have to admit, the allure of having one of each design really does speak to my inner OCD. I like the Features that a Round would provide me.

Super stout construction, easy construction, and the six foot length I am considering lends itself well to this design.

On the other hand, I have built several of the traditional, more commonly built bench designs, and would be just as happy with it.

I dunno, I need to think a bit more about this.


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