Springtime In The Rockies


Spring has indeed sprung here in Colorado. Yesterday, the sun was bright and the temperature was north of 70 degrees.

The above picture is of the view out my back door. The back deck has protection from most wind, so the accumulation of snow is fairly “drift” free. You can see that there has been plenty of snow deposited on us.

This has made for a perfect day to fire up the propane heater, and turn up the music, and wile away the hours working wood.  That is, if I could get out to the Tiny Shop AND feel comfortable about actually being able to get back to the house….a full 20 feet away.

The next best thing I can do is surf the net, look for inspiration, sketch a few drawings, and do a bit of blogging.

I have been spending a good deal of time hunting down equipment, running power to the shop, doing everything I can to be as thorough, thoughtful , and focused in my choices. I took great care to make sure that the equipment I put into the Tiny Shop is of the highest quality, highest accuracy, and also providing the maximum amount of flexibility in  my choices of what to build. In all, so far, I think I have done well.

So, with a few tweaks, and the addition of some odds and ends, the majority of outfitting The Tiny Shop is done.

I have high hopes for such a small shop. I look forward to finally putting design on paper. Turning sketches to prototypes, and prototypes turned into finished projects.

I admit, i have been guilty of the same sickness that most woodworkers suffer from , tool-shopping-itis. I sure do love to shop for tools. I have admitted as much repeatedly here. But it has been so satisfying to make some saw dust in The Tiny Shop. No original pieces yet, but some light restoration work and various small projects for friends have all helped me get work flow figured out in the shop, and also helped to get tooling adjusted and refined.

So then, with all the effort spent equipping and adjusting, it would make sense to think that there might be some designs ready to be cut out and built…right?
Alas, I have been sorely remiss.

I think I have mentioned my seeming psychological stumbling block when it comes to actually sitting down to flesh out design ideas. Maybe it’s not good enough, maybe it wont work, maybe its function wont work with the limitations of the medium of wood. I sometimes find it easier to sit down and power through a case of writer’s block than to put pencil to paper and sketch out various designs.

It’s a goal to get several designs sketched out and rough dimensions assigned to them. The designs will need to be able to be worked through taking the limitations of The Tiny Shop into consideration. I can’t attempt to work through a design for an oversized  wall unit in a space like The Tiny Shop. Small tables, small chests of drawers, chairs, buffets, bookcases, all are doable in addition to smaller projects like hi-fi speakers.

It’s all about actually getting some ideas on paper, I know. I know that once the initial ideas are sketched out, worst case, I can sort of “improvise” my way through the initial build of the projects. No matter what, I really do need to get sketching.

The up side is that even if I start making things up as I go along, at least I am making more saw dust in The Tiny Shop.

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