This morning was one of those wonderful mornings that one simply must savor.

LOML and I awoke and only had two “must do items” on our list. First, we sauntered to a tiny little breakfast joint we love. It’s claim to fame being their home made biscuits. Their biscuit breakfast sandwiches joined by a rich and flavorful cup of locally roasted coffee are just the thing to start the day.

After that, it was off to the grocery store for some much needed provisioning.

That was it for the day….well for me at least. LOML then had to forge ahead and work a Saturday shift at her job.

This left me with a full belly, a bright, sun drenched, nearly 65 degree January day, all to myself.

A perfect day to go out to the tiny shop and just….putter.

One thing that I am an ardent believer in, is the correct music selection for blatant “puttering”.

Having an aestheticly pleasing Tiny Shop requires the appropriate “sonic flavor” if it is destined to be a pleasingly productive shop.

Because there is precious little to be managed in the Tiny Shop, (save for a new motor for my poor little Delta jointer), and no major projects on the docket, puttering seemed to me to be just what the doctor ordered.

The music selection started off with a nice dose of Joe Walsh and the James Gang. Purely to get the juices flowing. Followed up by a nice selection of Sam and Dave, Aretha Franklin, and Otis Redding.

The puttering tasks were menial. Fixing a hinge on the Tiny Shop’s main door, futzing with the shop vac and several lengths of shop vac hose and integrating them with a cyclonic separator I have for the shop vac. Sipping coffee…..sitting on my bench stool…..looking around the Tiny Shop for other anal retentive tasks to perform…..a fantastic way to start the day.

Truely a morning to be savored before enjoying the afternoon.

Now, I am a rhythm and blues kind of guy. R&B, soul, streight up blues, sometimes some reggae, and always Rock and Roll.

Today….well, as the day matured into afternoon, I felt the day dictating something different for me.

Dear reader, please indulge me a short bunny trail. I promise it will circle back nicely to my current ramblings.

My dear grandmother on my mother’s side was a classical music consumer of epic proportions. She and my grand father had a wonderful collection of vinyl records representing both the best of composers as well as recordings of some of the finest performances of their handiwork.

She was also a fan of the t.v.show M.A.S.H. In one particular episode, the character “Radar” was getting dating advice from Hawkeye, or Trapper John, or both.

When the subject of how best to manage conversation with  a lady whose interests include classical music, and if the subject of Bach should come up, Radar was encouraged to keep it simple and just utter the response “ahhhhhhh…. Bach”. My grandmother LOVED this scene and this phrase became something of a family motto.  When the whole family gathered, it was a rare time indeed, that you did not hear someone say this.

So it was this afternoon that I had a hankering for some classical music to take me into the last hours of the warmth of the sun, and the peace of puttering in the Tiny Shop.

What to listen to? With the miracle of streaming music, there is so much to choose from.

Then it hit me.

Ahhhhhhh…… Bach.

A perfect choice for the perfect end to the perfect day of perfectly puttering.


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8 thoughts on ““Ahhhhhhh……Bach”

  1. Christine

    I too was struck by how reflective that post was. You have a gift – not only being able to appreciate the beauty of the day, but also to describe it so well. P.S. I loved the bunny trail.


  2. Jim Gregoric

    Listen to “Sheep May Safely Graze”. No one aligns a wretched misalignment of anxious thoughts more effectively than “The Chiropractor of Consciousness”.



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