“Radio Silence”


I have been quiet of late, it’s true. The reason(s) is/are varied. Suffice to say, I’ve been quite busy.

For one thing, I’ve been busy drafting the next installment of the “Madcap Manifesto”. For the life of me, I can not understand why I am finding it so difficult to arrange my thoughts coherently. Perhaps it is because I am so taken by some of the topics I wish to present. The new movement in artisanship, the responsibility of maintaining ethics in workmanship as well as one’s place in the world as an artisan, modern education, economics, simplification of life, the list goes on.
I will say, that I have some very definite thoughts that simply must be expressed. However, I feel the need to craft them carefully so that when read by others, they will express clearly, that which I have had churning in my melon for some time now……stay tuned.

On another note, final details of ” The Tiny Shop” , home of The Madcap Woodwright, are reaching their completion.

With the exception of some light restoration work on a 1941-ish Delta jointer, and the acquisition of some odds and ends, (a couple of routers, and some hand planes etc.) the shop is largely ready for launch. I’ll also add some LED lighting to the list, but for all intents and purposes, hitting a January 1 target for the commencement of operation, is quite realistic.


The Tiny Shop


The Tiny Shop cat.


Lovely vintage jointer. I did some horse trading with the Inca 510 I started out with. Once I got the shop semi-sorted, it was obvious that the machine was simply not going to work out the way I had hoped. A profitable sale here, a bargain basement purchase there, and voilà, I now have a much more functional, albeit approaching too small, jointer. It also does not hurt that it is a wonderful match for the Unisaw either.

I have finally installed the shops sub panel also. This has separate circuits for the machines, and for the lights. It is borderline “not enough”, but for now it will work just fine.

So there you have it, a promise for interesting reading, a vintage tool gloat, and a shop update, all rolled into one neat little blog post…..not too bad for a guy with a nasty case of writers block.

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