A Day Off … or … OCD Tiny Shop Manipulations.

Since having brought home my newly constructed workbench, I have been puttering around in the Tiny Shop of late. What starts out as “just going in there to wipe another coat of home brew finish on the bench” turns out, more often than not, to be most of the day taking everything out of the shop, sweeping, and putting it all back in mostly in the original place. I say mostly because, I tend to tweak the configuration when I succumb to my compulsive need to have my shop “just so”.

Moving this bit there. Arranging that bit here. All in a continued effort to have an efficient shop that is ready to roll, once power has been sorted, and lights have been installed.

I am nearly satisfied with the current configuration. I don’t think I will really know what the final configuration of my ” Tiny Shop” will be, until I have power and lights and a couple projects completed and under my belt. For now at least, this is what I have been able to come up with. (somewhere in a previous post, I have pictures of the “before” condition of the shop as well as a shot of the initial set up of tooling.)



It’s tight. But definitely has the bones of a good, productive little shop. Key to it’s viability will be setting it up for maximum use of space. Also, I will need to be much more diligent in planning out each project. This is actually a very nice side benefit to the “Tiny Shop”. Developing and refining project forethought translates very well into other areas of my craft. I suppose the anal retentive in me will figure out how best to apply this enhanced forethought.

In the meantime, I am working on wrapping up the checklist of still-to-do tasks and tooling needs. A sub-panel needs to be hung on the wall there behind the tool box with appropriate wiring from the house, and circuit breakers installed. Romex, outlets, and lights all need to be installed. And for God’s sake…..I need to hang a vise on that lovely workbench in the back. It is just so …. unhappy looking without one.

Ah well, as time and the ever elusive funding permit, I will keep plugging along on the odds and ends. More to come!!!!

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