After all the mental gymnastics, after all the dithering over wood selection, after all the work to laminate a 5″ thick x 8′ long, x 22″ deep bench top, after hand cutting 16 mortises and 16 tenons, after assembling, flattening, and nit-picking, my bench is FINALLY together and resting comfortably in it’s new home.

I had the day set aside today to join a friend of mine and go pick up my bench. He has a truck with a trailer, so this was a huge boon to me. We got it loaded, and commenced the ENDLESS 6 mile sojourn to my house and Tiny Shop.

Once home it was right to work setting the top, and tool till. First, the till got a nice coat of home brew wiping varnish, as did the tops of the top rails of the trestle base and very back edge of the bench top along with the bottom of the top. Then it was on to the rest of the bench.

I had to resist the temptation to just slather on a coat on the top, no……I was methodical, and patient. Starting from the very bottom, I worked my way up the bench until every surface had been coated with the homebrew. After the excruciating agony of having to actually work through each facet of the benches base, I was ready to coat the top.

Heavens to Mergatroid….what a transformation. I took the above picture about ten minutes after finishing the application.

The last bit of hand wringing to be done, is going to be over the vises. I think I have settled on Lee Valley’s offering(s) for both the front vise and end vise. High quality, well built, and no question among fellow woodworkers regarding their longevity. Add to that the ease of installation, and it’s a no brainer. That will be a separate blog post though. I need to put the capitol together first, so it may be a while before that post graces this blog.

In the meantime, here are a couple of more pictures to close out this post. Im off to go sit in the Tiny Shop, and just admire the bench.



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6 thoughts on “FINALLY!!!!

    1. madcapwoodwright

      Funny you say that, I was just discussing my reasoning for Douglas For rather than something more traditional like maple for its construction with a friend. Feeling guilt free about “working” on the workbench was one of the top reasons.



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