Idea for a “smarter” tiny workshop.

Hello all,

As the tiny shop continues to crawl towards operational status, I have been spending a good deal of time in deep, deep, thought. Well, deep for me anyway.

Some of these meditations center on “what to build”, some on “how to build it”.

While my first love has always been, and shall ever be, traditionally built fine furniture and cabinetry, I find that in my …*ahem* … advancing years, that I am becoming less and less focused on the traditional, and more and more focused on more modern styles. This was blasphemy in my early and middle years working wood. Ideas on simply never put voice to as they were too sordid and dirty to even consider. I felt as though I needed to go to confession and light a candle to St. Chippendale after having these musings. So, it was unusual that I should find myself thinking of more modern designs.

I suppose I got a bit bored with the more traditional and the “tried and true” design viewpoint.

I have also been looking for ways to maximise the shortage of floorspace that I have in the tiny shop. Below, is an example of the sort of thinking that I have been impressed with and intend to use in the tiny shop.



The multi purposed, easy to put together little stands will be perfect for the out feed side of my saw, as well as the help I kneed when assembling.


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2 thoughts on “Idea for a “smarter” tiny workshop.

  1. tom

    …and a low, flat, rubber-castered, movers’ dolly with the same bottom dimensions as the little stands would increase their utility too



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