This has been quite a week. A week full of personal triumph, and painful goodbye.

The above table is my completed final project for my first class at Red Rocks Community College. It is called “Stella”.

On Monday we got word that my grandmother had passed away. She was 93. I dedicate this humble, strong, and graceful table to her memory.

I was extremely fortunate to have known, and grown up with, all four of my grand parents.
Each uniquely contributed to my maturation and development as a person.
Nanny (Stella), was the last to leave us. I will miss her very very much.

My grandmother passed on to me both directly, and through my mother,aunt and uncles, an appreciation for reading, education, beauty, music, the importance of avoiding sloppy work, and an adoration of “high quality”.

While I mourn her passing, I know that she would be proud of my performance in class, (especially that I chose to go back at such an ” advanced age”) and would simply gush over this little table, flaws and all.

Goodbye Nanny, we love you and will miss you dearly.

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4 thoughts on “BITTERSWEET

  1. Uncle Vince

    what a great tribute to Nanny! we are really touched by your words from the heart John. and your table …. WOW! The tapered legs are just beautiful!



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