How to remain a Cool Woodworker in four mostly easy steps.

Oh man….great tounge in cheek…sort of….post….love this.

The Slightly Confused Woodworker

Okay, so you got ‘The Craft’ tattooed across your lower back. You picked up your entire tool set for a six-pack of Piels. You’re workbench top is as thick as the walls of a bank vault. You’ve taken apart your entire tool set and reassembled it as you see fit, and your new best friend is a black smith from Saskatchewan who hasn’t made anything for a customer in years. You’ve officially become a Cool Woodworker. But if you think that all of this, impressive though it may be, is enough to actually keep you in the promised land you are in for a very rude awakening. See, becoming a Cool Woodworker is really only half the battle; remaining a Cool Woodworker is not guaranteed, and can be difficult for those who don’t know or understand all of the rules. That is where I come in.

For all of you…

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