How to become a cool woodworker in 5 somewhat not so easy steps.

This one predates the last one I reblogged….this guy is so spot on.

The Slightly Confused Woodworker

This one is for all you new people out there. By now you’ve gotten your tool set together; you’ve subscribed to a woodworking magazine or two; you’ve read a few woodworking books, and you may even have some nice completed projects under your belt…so what’s the problem? The problem is that you are not a ‘cool woodworker’, and the real problem is that you don’t really know how to become a ‘cool woodworker’; well that’s why I’m here.

I can’t claim to be a cool woodworker, and I’ve probably offended too many cool woodworkers to be ever be invited into the club, but after nearly five years of woodworking and 18 months of blogging I’ve managed to compile together my research and I believe I’ve finally discovered at least some of the secrets to becoming a cool woodworker. While this list may not be perfect, I do believe it is…

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