Bench Progress and Pics.

After biting my fingernails down to the quick over the lamination health of my new bench top, I am happy to report that the top has survived glue up, remained in the clamps for 48 hours, and was pulled out of the clamps yesterday to sit and rest and attain some degree of stability. Today was the next step in its transformation from BORG (Big Orange Retail Giant) dimensional framing lumber, to hybrid Scandinavian cabinetmakers workbench.

I got the top pulled from the clamps ant it actually looked pretty good. No huge voids or checks from glue starvation to be seen. I was cautiously optimistic.

After having taken the lamination out of the clamps, I elected to set it out on stickers, or culls to rest. This was more a function of needing to take care of other projects instead of being able to devote any more time to the bench. The next step is/was to flatten the top and the bottom. Knowing people with WIDE wide belt sander’s is a huge plus. Even better when they also have the industrial size clamp rack too.

Once the top had passed a couple of times through the sander, it became pretty obvious that the glue joints were indeed, sound and tight. HUGE relief for me. No voids in between laminations, and the top and bottom surfaces sanded nice and flat and true.

For some reason, I am now unable to upload pictures using this pathetic two-in-one tablet I have. So I will try to add them through the use of my phone as an edit to this post…..Fingers crossed!!!!!!

This is the bench in the clamp rack…….so very nice to be able to use this bit of equipment.


Here is the top prior to flattening.


Here it is after ….so nice and flat and clean!!!




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12 thoughts on “Bench Progress and Pics.

    1. madcapwoodwright Post author

      Agreed. I know it is somewhat sacrilegious to use a wide belt on a bench top, but with a two head, 52″ wide belt at my disposal, well, let’s just say that my back, shoulders and arms all agreed with me that it was a “no brainer”


    2. madcapwoodwright Post author

      Also, the clamp rack made glue up soooooo much more efficient. Was it cheating? Truth be told, I don’t care…lol….ultimately, I am building this bench doing things that may cause furrowed brows in some woodworking corners, but I am building it to do two things, build furniture on and be optically pleasing.

      Hmmm, maybe fodder for another workbench post?


      1. madcapwoodwright Post author

        One more thing, I wanted to be sure to thank you for following my blog. Its small and completely self serving/self centered, but I do hope folks get a kick out of some of my musings.


      2. forbeskm

        I am with you on that, if the tools are available they can be a great option! I use my bandsaw, bosch contractor saw, and old delta planer to do a lot of prep. I am largely hand tools due to no shop space. And the hand workers will never pry my festool panel saw out of my hands.


      3. madcapwoodwright Post author

        Awesome! A “green kool-aid” drinker. I get to use both the track saw and their sanders at work. Very impressed with their accuracy. I am about 50/50 machines to hand tools at my personal shop (once its up and running). I like to use hand tools for their quiet and their assistance connecting with the wood. But make no mistake, I do love me some quality power tools!!!


      4. forbeskm

        Love festool sander/vac combo I can woodwork in the living room! Also the Domino and track saw. I like the idea of the edge bander, thinking of building shoe cabinets and have no shop. For me it was having no room for the big tools, my shop is my porch.


      5. madcapwoodwright Post author

        We have a Domino machine too. Very cool device. Far nicer than the old lemello machines.

        I totally hear you on small shop woes. I guess I’m fortunate in having the small one car garage I have. It’s tight, but if I plan ahead, and work smart, I am confident it will work fine for me. I just won’t be able to do really large or involved projects until the larger garage is built.

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