Ughhhhhh, this poor little tablet/2-n-1 is making my life much more frustrating. My kingdom for a decent laptop!

Technical woes not withstanding, I press on with my blogging efforts. Finances being what they are, and my own natural aversion to buying gear that stands in the way of new tool and/or workbench lumber purchases, I am electing to flog this little machine a while longer.

Speaking of tools and tool purchases, I have been scanning the local Craigslist for someone selling a decent lunch box planer.  Ryobi AP-10 or AP-12, DeWalt DW734 are the three at the top of my “want to have’ list. Good reviews, and enough time elapsed in the crucible of  job site, or small shop operation, has these three as the best bang for your buck . However, it does seem to me that woodworkers in Denver also agree with that assessment because, I can’t for the life of me, find one of these little babies at a price point that befits a used lunch box planer. You would think these things were made of gold.

Oh well, it’s not that big of a deal though. I am still a ways  away from having a shop space that is ready for any new tooling. Electrical still needs to be run over to the garage from the service panel on the house. The good news is, I have a sub panel from another shop available to me for free, and it looks as though the leads from the house to the garage that are there right now, look to be of the appropriate gauge to power at least a 60 amp sub panel.

Since the little shop is planned to be temporary, at least until we are in a position to build a larger structure, or modify the existing structure to enlarge it. Therefore, minimum upgrading is planned for the first iteration of the Madcap’s Woodshop. Minimum in terms of what needs to be done to bring the structure to operational status. Rest assured I will be eyeballing tooling options, and bench building materials……It’s what I do……It’s a gift.

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