As I am typing this, my poor little Asus Transformer Prime tablet is panting and begging to be committed to the great beyond. Since the theft of my previous hot rod laptop, I have been making this little tablet/netbook work for all my computing needs. I researched how to “jailbreak” it so that it’s settings from the factory and the associated “bloatware” that normally comes on it are easily removed. I obtained SUPERUSER status so that I could upgrade the machines operating system to something much more recent. It has been an epic saga of continuous rebirth for this little machine.

Alas, I fear it may be on it’s last leg. Today, while trying to sync my new Twitter account and new Facebook account to this blog, the little tablet is wheezing hard under the “stress”(?). Pages loading at a glacially slow pace, forced closes for no apparent reason, error messages out of the blue relating to no running program, all indicate acute microprocessor senility.

Fear not though. For I intend to continue posting here as I am able. Being fully “Googled”,and assimilated into that collective via my new Motorola Moto X Gen 2….(whooooo hooooo), I still have blogging capability, albeit through the use of a very small, and fumble finger prone keyboard on that device.

So, until I can decide on a suitable replacement for this little machine, I will continue to wring every last byte of use out of it I can. Substituting the MotoX for it when the abject frustration and pain becomes too much.

It’s a pity, I was just getting all tied together here on the internet, and then the bells begin to toll.

In any event, please stay tuned. I have several posts swirling around in my melon that just need a little more thought before I put fingertips to Chicklets, or, or in the case of my MotoX….gorilla glass.

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