After a professional career in woodworking-cabinetmaking-millworking, and swearing up and down that I would never cut another stick of wood as a result, I have come full circle.

Following my career in woodworking, I had a high intensity career in Federal law enforcement, a divorce, and a lovely midlife regression to a more “Frat boy” outlook on responsibility. Good times, good times.

I left federal employ, re-married, and settled down…again. During this settling down period, my lovely wife and I began discussions as to where our lives were headed, and what it was we REALLY wanted out of our remaining years.The question “What would your ideal job/career/vocation” continued to be asked, and pondered by us both.

Inevitably, My ideal would be imagined as spending my days in an esthetically pleasing woodshop, with shavings on the floor, my workbench littered with various handtools and bits of whatever project I happened to be working on.

I am not at all sure why this always ended up being  my vision of how I would love to spend my days, as my life turned the mid point. Perhaps it was that creative voice in my soul, continuing to demand expression. Maybe it was a still, unsatisfied addiction to researching and equipping a fine woodworking shop. Maybe both.

Regardless, it was my wife who delicately continued to guide me to finding my way back to woodwork. In the span of a year, she encouraged me to explore going back to work as a woodwright. be it as a self employed woodworker, or to search out someone else with a like minded approach to the craft.

She also pointed to my desire to go back to school. As it happens, Denver has a community college that sports the third largest woodworking program. Red Rocks Community College has been quietly going about the business of both keeping fine woodworking alive, as well as producing future generations of woodworkers imbued with the love of craft and workmanship.

So, you may be asking, “what is this blog going to be about?”. Well, dear reader, I suppose I am not entirely sure myself. All I can tell you is that, it will be a woodworking blog. It will include my experiences in the Red Rocks Fine Woodworking degree program. There will be musings on the researching and equipping of my tiny little brick garage woodshop. Perhaps some discussion of my exploration into hand tooling and the use of handtools that have always excited me, but had been unobtainable until now.

I would also like to use this blog as a means to express my desire to keep woodworking alive as an art form. I feel that as a community, it is important for us as craftsman, to both share our mutual love for the craft, as well as do our best to provide a means of perpetuating woodworking and craftmanship philosophies.


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